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Welcome to Pixt’s Retailer Website!

Here, you can upload and manage any clothing pieces you’d like to display on the Pixt Fashion app.

Once you enter your invite code and create your account, we’ll provide step by step instructions that will help you in uploading and managing your inventory.

If you have any questions at any point, email info@pixtfashion.com to contact our account team – we can set up an onboarding overview for your team.

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Above you'll see the steps necessary to setup and manage your brand.

  1. Brand and Stores - edit your brand name and create associated store(s)
  2. Catalog - define what items your brand sells and associate images
  3. Store Inventory - once your catalog is created, define what items are available at what stores, what your stock is, and what the price is
  4. Done - notify the Pixt team that your inventory is ready for review before posting to the app